Wrap rings made from the handles of antique and vintage teaspoons or the whole coffee or condiment spoons. Unusual, from the more delicate to a larger statement ring.

The history of spoon rings dates back, it's said, to the 17th century. It was given as a token of love and commitment, often as a wedding ring. Servants pay was low but working in large manor houses, gave them access to precious silverware. They would steal a silver spoon from their master and turn it into a ring - quite a defiant, risky move against the wealth and privilege of their masters but a romantic gesture nevertheless. If caught , this could be very costly, bringing a punishment of 7 years imprisonment overseas.

Our hallmarked spoons, some with the official 'Change of Use' certificate issued by the Sheffield assay office so you can be sure that your purchase is legally approved.

From £55

English Silver salt spoon wrap ring.jpeg
Wrap rings from the handles of silver te